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What % 1950s Housewife Are You?

Between the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping and the family-minding, it's amazing that's 1950's housewives had time to look like movie stars. Could you have handled the enormous task of keeping a household running like clockwork back then? And manage to look gorgeous while doing it? After you answer all the questions in this quiz, you'll know how well you measure up to the lifestyle they maintained back then.

Perfectly tucked bed corners and breadmaking might not be high on your list of priorities, but it would have been if you were a '50s housewife. Don't worry, though! We're not going to hold you to a set of impossibly high standards. Instead, we're going to ask you how you do things now. Each one of your answers will show off the things you have in common with a '50s housewife, and they'll help us figure out if you make the cut.

Whether you've made it a personal goal to be more like one of them, your own mom was one, or you've learned a few things from the generations before you, there's a good chance you're more of a '50s housewife than you think. Answer each question as honestly as you can, and we'll let you know exactly how much '50s housewife you are at heart. Will the outcome surprise you?

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