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Thermal blocks developed at Newcastle Uni could convert coal-fired power stations to run fossil-fuel free
It looks like a brick or paver, but a metal alloy developed by Australian scientists could hold the key to efficiently storing renewable power as thermal energy. Unlike coal-fired power, which is regulated and controlled, renewable energy was a challenge because it is less predictable and inconsistent. Thermal properties 'like a microwaved choc-chip muffin'Chief technology officer Alex Post and Professor Eric Kisi from MGA Thermal pictured with a new type of thermal storage material developed at the University of Newcastle. Professor Erich Kisi is a University of Newcastle materials scientist and lead researcher into the Miscibility Gaps Alloy (MGA) thermal energy storage technology. ( ABC Newcastle: Anthony Scully )Chief Technology Officer for MGA Thermal, Alex Post, said the ability to retrofit thermal storage technology into existing infrastructure made the technology affordable.
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