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The Backstory on Backpage.com, the Adult Classifieds Site That Got Shut Down
" " A screenshot of the online classifieds site Backpage.com, five days after being shut down by a group of U.S. government agencies Screenshot of Backpage.com by HowStuffWorksOn April 6, 2018, an online classifieds site called Backpage.com went offline. At the heart of the matter is the desire to do something to counteract sex trafficking and sex slavery. The House version is called the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, or FOSTA, and the Senate version is the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, or SESTA. They argue that Backpage.com ads actually are useful tools that law enforcement can leverage to identify criminals and pursue them. Is there enough evidence to suggest legalization of prostitution would be a more effective solution to the sex trafficking problem?
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