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Stratovolcanoes Represent Only 1% of Total Volume in Cascades
Using high resolution mapping of the PNW, this study identified 2,835 volcanic edifices in the American portion of the Cascades. This study then links these observations to the surface expression of volcanic edifices. The Cascades Arc is home to the famous 1980 Mount Saint Helens (Lawetlat'la) eruption and to the beautiful Mount Rainier (Tacoma). However, the soaring, snowcapped, stratovolcanoes dominate the landscape but actually represent only 1% of the total volume of volcanic features in the Cascades Range this recently published study finds. This study estimated the total volume of the vents to be ~2570 km3 which may only represent half of the total erupted volume with the rest spread in deposits.Throughout the US, the USGS has identified 18 volcanoes to be very high risk including 11 in the Cascades Arc.
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