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Quackademic medicine now reigns supreme at UC-Irvine
It's not for nothing that I refer to "integrative medicine" as integrating quackery with medicine. They will point to how diet and exercise are an important part of integrative medicine, how integrative practitioners emphasize prevention and healthy lifestyle. That's the idea, whether physicians who have become integrative medicine practitioners will admit it to themselves (or others) or not. So a new name was coined, "integrative medicine," in which all the quackery was (and still is) portrayed as co-equal with conventional medicine and "integrative medicine" as "the best of both worlds." It's basically the same slate of "integrative medicine" that most quackademic "integrative medicine" centers offer:Acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicineAyurvedic therapiesFunctional medicineMassage therapyMeditationMindfulnessNutritional counselingPhysical medicine & rehabilitationPreventive cardiologySports medicine & osteopathic manipulationTai chiVitamin infusion therapyWomen's healthYogaOf course, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine are prescientific systems of medicine based on mysticism and vitalism.
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