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Q: Who would win in a fight: Gödel or Feynman?

Physicist: Both Godel and Feynman had an amazing ability to understand the most fundamental workings of reality, staring unblinkingly into the infinite unknown. The real question is; who could stare unblinkingly into the infinite fist of a beat-down?

One of the little known facts about Feynman is that he was a proficient bongo player, which leads me to suspect that he could probably land some solid combos. Also, when shit goes down, who do you call? Feynman. When Challenger blew up? Feynman. When no one could build a nuke? Feynman. What happens when quantum field theory doesn’t adhere to causality? Feynman ain’t shook. Somebody help, there’s a kitten locked in this safe! I shit you not, Feyman’ll crack it. Bad ass.

Gödel on the other hand is no stranger to talking shit to everybody. His incompleteness theorem has made him one of the most reviled mathematicians ever. After his doctoral thesis on how everybody is wasting their time (the “Incompleteness Theorem”) and may as well give up, he was called “Jerk of the year” by most of the mathematical and scientific community. His response? “Prove it.” Also, his ass was crazy. Like “you punch me in the face and I’ll bite your hand” crazy. What did he do when he figured out that aliens and unseen government forces were conspiring to poison him? He made his wife eat his food first.

In a fair fight Feynman would win easy. He understands the game. He knows what to do. The dude’s got a plan!

In a dirty fight Godel would win. Because he’ll chew on anything that isn’t food. (snap!)

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