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Q: If black holes are “rips” in the fabric of our universe, does it mean they lead to other universes? If so, then did time begin in that universe at the inception of the black hole? Could we be in a
However, if you actually try this experiment you’ll find that there is no water at the exact center. The math of General Relativity predicts that the stretching of space will be infinite at the center of a black hole. Sadly, we’ll never do that experiment (can’t get out of a black hole), so the inside of black holes will be ready fodder for sci-fi authors for a long time yet. Second: The source of the idea that black holes might go somewhere is what might be called “mathematically based paranoia”. In the case of black holes the equations are the “Kruskal-Szekeres coordinates“, which are used to make the behavior of light and matter in, and around, black holes more intuitive.
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