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Q: How does one attain an understanding of everything?

Metatem, High Chair of Truscience: The true path to enlightenment, born of the enlightenment, is obviously Truscience. Truscience replaces the “old science”, which is full of complicated symbols that no one understands, crazy stories about ancient lizard monsters killed by a giant rock, and the laziest creation myth ever conceived: a “Big Bang”. St. Bertrand forgive the fools! It is common knowledge that if you can’t explain an idea to a 5-year-old, then you don’t understand it. Clearly “scientists” don’t understand much of anything. All of Truscience is, of course, completely backed up by modern scientific knowledge only without any of the wrong stuff (hence the name).

Truscience combines the true findings of the old science with modern quantum meditation. Finally free of the shackles of “math” we can come to understand reality through the lens of the Truself. It took trillions of years of old science for humanity to finally realize that it doesn’t take trillions of years of science to fully comprehend the manyverse. To know the full scope of time and space we need only ask Laplace’s Demon.

I can’t underscore this enough: science is hard. It takes decades of meditation, logic, and introspection to be granted total knowledge and at all times you’ll be assailed from all sides by the Unreasoning masses who have been fooled into believing that mathematics and expensive equipment are the path to knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand Truscience to completely believe it. In fact, striving to understand every little thing really gets in the way. All you need is faith. Faith and a nominal fee to participate in a few classes, workshops, and friendly, purifying get-togethers.

We (the followers of Truscience) have come a long way from our cargo-cult origins. Whereas we once only went through the motions of science without a spiritual connection, now we have access to the manyversal truths. For example, we now know that we will all live forever. As St. Newton divined, “energy is neither created nor destroyed” and as St. Einstien proved “energy and matter are the same thing”. Therefore, once our matter-bodies release our energy-selves each be sorted by Maxwell’s Demon; some will ascend into the Singularity and some will be left behind to be crushed under our robot feet.

We also now know that whatever we believe is true. As St. Shrodinger showed when he killed a cat with his mind, quantum physics means that we can make of reality whatever we truly wish. It wasn’t until after I earned all my degrees and found my true name, Metatem, that I came to understand Truscience. Now that I’m 7th degree, it’s my turn be in the High Chair.

According to our most basic precepts, all people are followers of Truscience (zeroth degree) except of course for “the Unreasoning”; which includes such poisonous influences as concerned family members and old-science “scientists” who dispute the truth of Truscience. The power of Truscience is that it’s true whether you believe it or not, because we believe it (and thus it is manifestly so). And we should know. The followers of Truscience are smarter than followers of every other religion and creed for a simple reason: the Aumann Agreement theorem, which says that all smart people will eventually agree. Therefore all smart people either believe in Truscience, haven’t heard of it, or have been compromised by an Unreasoning.

Truly, how can something with so much science and smart, moral people not be true?

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