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Q: CERN’s faster than light neutrino thing: WTF?
Faster than light claims have always (so far…) turned out to be a hoax, or a misunderstanding, or an error. Ever since 1905, when Einstein did his big, fancy “you can’t go faster than light” paper, there has been an unending tide of people coming up with ideas for moving faster than light. But mostly this is news because special relativity (which immediately implies the light speed cap) has been verified thousands and thousands of times in the last hundred and six years. Often you can hear physicists laughing (cackling) at other physicists and saying things like “… and their scalar field wasn’t even Lorentz invariant!” (translation: “their thing violates relativity”). So the reaction of most physicists to the CERN faster-than-light fiasco is: “wow… they really messed something up”.
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