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Meteorite study suggests Earth may have been wet since it formed: Enstatite chondrite meteorites, once considered 'dry,' contain enough water to fill the oceans -- and then some
Enstatite chondrites are entirely composed of material from the inner solar system -- essentially the same stuff that made up the Earth originally. "Our discovery shows that the Earth's building blocks might have significantly contributed to the Earth's water," said lead author Laurette Piani, a researcher at CPRG. Enstatite chondrites are rare, making up only about 2 percent of known meteorites in collections. "Only a few pristine enstatite chondrites exist: ones that were not altered on their asteroid nor on Earth," Piani said. "Enstatite chondrites were thus commonly considered 'dry,' and this frequently reasserted assumption has probably prevented any exhaustive analyses to be done for hydrogen."
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