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Gluttony WordPress Theme

This is a beta release for Gluttony. Gluttony is a two-column, widget-ready, rounded-corners WordPress theme. It’s the sixth theme of the Seven Deadly Sins series to be released.

Originally, I wanted to integrate Javascript in order to create an expandable and collapsible food menu layout. But after several tries with several different scripts, it didn’t work out that way. Therefore, this beta-release (version 0.1) does not include any Javascript. In the future, the official version 1 will include the Javascript to add the expandable and collapsible posts feature.

If you can help me make that happen, please leave a comment or contact me. Overall, this theme is work in progress and there’s a lot left to do.

Making of Gluttony


Not available yet.


The author and WPDesigner.com is credited for this theme through a link in the footer.php file linking back to the original page where this is available for downloads. If you like, you may remove that link.

Known Issues

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