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Fill In the Missing Word in These Famous ’80s Song Titles

You can't get your "__ For Nothing" during this quiz! You're going to have to work hard to figure out which word belongs in these '80s song titles. You might be able to sing every word of every song you see, but do you know the song's name? Fill in every blank you see, and by the end, you'll be singing "Another One _ The Dust."

Filled with exciting new sounds, the '80s pumped out songs that are still on heavy rotation today. From Whitney Houston's dance hits to the rise of hair metal, the airwaves were more colorful than ever before. You probably have an '80s playlist on iHeart radio, but now's your chance to prove your knowledge of the decade's biggest hits. Will you be able to finish as many of them correctly as you think you can?

If you "Just Can't Get Enough" of the '80s, you'll love trying to figure out the correct names of the songs that defined the decade. Put in your earbuds and get ready for a dance party. You'll want to get up and move once you see how many you got right. Tears for Fears said that "Everybody Wants to Rule the ... Quiz." Or did they? Fill in the blanks and find out!

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