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Female-only Rebelle Rally Teaches More Than Just Navigation
Nicole Dreon/Rebelle RallyEmily Miller, an accomplished international rally racer and founder of the three-year-old Rebelle Rally, believes navigation — without GPS — is an extremely valuable skill. First, more on The Rebelle Rally: It's an all-female off-road navigation competition that winds through some of the weirdest parts of Nevada and California (including Area 51!). Miller started Rebelle Rally after her experience with another all-women off-road rally, the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, or the Gazelle Rally, in Morocco. Unlike the Gazelle Rally, which encourages competitors to get from checkpoint to checkpoint as quickly as possible, the Rebelle Rally is more about strategy than speed. Rebelle RallyNow That's Interesting The prize for winning a specific class is free entry into the next year's Rebelle Rally, a custom trophy and of course, bragging rights.
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