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Explore 175 Years of Words in Scientific American
We invite you to dive in and explore a database of words that appeared prominently in the print history of Scientific American. Below, each year of that history is represented by a single word, which was selected through a text-analysis project that started with all 5,107 issues of the magazine. Among those top contenders, the single noun, verb, adjective or adverb that was used most often was deemed the winner. To learn more about how the data were collected, analyzed and visualized, see “How to Turn 175 Years of Words in Scientific American into an Image.”As science historian Lorraine Daston wrote in an essay for our special 175th anniversary issue: “Science has never been speechless. It is entirely in keeping with the visual spirit of scientific communication that the very words used in all 5,107 issues of Scientific American since 1845 should be turned into an image.
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