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Decrypting the History of Alice and Bob
Their encryption method outlines “how [Bob can] send a private message M to Alice.” It was the first instance of Alice and Bob trying to talk to one another in scientific literature.Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman then re-introduced Alice and Bob several years later. (Correct and complete protocol given).”That same year, Alice and Bob showed up in another highly regarded cryptography paper. ” The science of public-key cryptosystems was picking up speed, and Alice and Bob were certainly along for the ride.Over time, computer scientists started giving Alice and Bob a more detailed personal story. Firstly and most importantly they are concerned with the private lives of two people who are called Alice and Bob,” Gordon said. “The other thing coding theorists are concerned with is information.”According to Gordon, Bob is most likely a stockbroker and Alice is a “speculator,” or a stock trader.
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