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Comic Book Supers: Can You Identify Which Are Heroes and Which Are Villains?

Did you know that Marvel Comics claims to have a library of over 8,000 different characters ranging from the big guns like Spider-Man to the weird ones like Stilt-Man to the utterly baffling Throg, a frog who wields Thor's hammer Mjolnir? DC Comics has several thousand as well that even include the Warner Bros characters like Elmer Fudd and Tasmanian Devil, who have crossed over with Batman and Wonder Woman in the past. And if you want to factor in the books published by smaller publishers like Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Valiant Comics, IDW, Boom, Aftershock and every other indie, we can probably get over 100,000 characters in total. That's just a heck of a lot of comic book characters.

Even if you go to just by the ones that have shown up in movies, you're looking at everyone from Aquaman to Hellboy to Supergirl to Wonder Woman. With so many heroes and villains to try to keep straight, you be forgiven if you overlooked a few, forgot a few others and just couldn't remember what side everyone was fighting on. But now's your chance to show off your superhero and supervillain knowledge chops by taking the quiz and figuring out who's who on each side of the hero and villain divide.

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