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Biosphere 2
A few fruit trees formed a small orchard, intended to supplement the Biospherians' food supply, but the majority of the savanna serves as a transition zone between the rainforest and the desert that lay at the other end of the biosphere. The engineers who designed Biosphere 2 foresaw this problem in the hot Arizona sun, and got around it in a fantastically clever way. All in all, visiting Biosphere 2 was an incredible experience and one that I'd highly recommend if you ever find yourself passing through that lonely part of Arizona. Just outside the town of Oracle, Arizona, nestled between the seemingly endless plains of the Sonaran desert and the cactus-pocked foothills of Mount Lemmon, stands an enormous glass ziggurat: Biosphere 2. Built in the late ‘80s at the behest of an oil tycoon, the structure was intended to be a small-scale model of a self-contained ecosystem—hence the name—the earth itself is “Biosphere 1".
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