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Barbie Turns 60, Becomes an Astrophysicist
" " Astrophysicist Barbie was developed by Mattel and National Geographic to inspire kids to pursue STEM fields. And now, as the queen of the toy aisle turns 60, her fans and foes will see several new sides to the multifaceted Jane of all trades. As part of the National Geographic partnership, Mattel is also planning to unveil the doll as a wildlife conservationist, a polar marine biologist, a wildlife photojournalist, and an entomologist. For example, astrophysicist Barbie will have her very own telescope (necessary), star chart (yeah, sure), and a nebula-printed shirt (really?). According to Mattel, all of the 60th anniversary career dolls will feature "different body types, skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles."
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